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Handprints Management

JULIA Managing Director

Early childhood education is my biggest passion. I love teaching, I love watching children learn, I love creating environments and spaces for children to explore. After completing two degrees in early childhood and almost 10 years in the industry, I also have developed a passion for continuous learning, research and educator growth. Handprints was my first baby, followed fairly soon by Elliot and Hudson my twin boys. Being a parent and an educator has allowed me a unique insight into the balance between the needs of the working parent, and the need for high quality learning environments for every young individual we meet. Handprints centres are a special place guided by this insight, and our “wonder” based philosophy. I wonder what your journey with us will be like?

NIKKI Operations Manager

When I was 17 a workplace adviser asked me what I wanted to do and I said childcare. I fell in love with the early childhood sector and have been a teacher and director for many years. I enjoy being an operations manager, as I work with Julia and our centre directors to implement quality programs for our children, staff, families and the wider community. I consider continuity and enjoyment two main themes that children need to succeed. I value all children’s experiences and I believe everyone learns differently and it’s these diversities that lead us to succeed.


I have worked for the Department of Education for 20 years working with children with additional needs. I am Julia’s mother, Andrew’s wife and have supported Julia to make a difference in the lives of your children. My job is to love and play with and give hugs when needed!



Husband to Sally, Dad to Julia and Grandad to Elliot and Hudson.
I have been working with Julia on her Handprints dream since the concept began. I gave up my “day job” to become full time support for Julia and the team at Handprints. My involvement is many and varied but includes book keeping, IT problem solver, general maintenance, flat pack assembler etc. Basically I will do anything I can do to make it easier for the “hands on” staff to be able to carry out their work with the children of Handprints to the best of their ability. I also think work should be “fun” – so watch out for a few “surprises” when I become full time and get a bit more creative on making sure everyone has “fun”!