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The Benefits of Having a Pet

Date: November 9, 2018 Author: hpelc Categories: Educators Blogs, Parenting Blogs, Reflection Blogs

Written by Miss Cass

There are many benefits of caring for a pet. A pet can teach your child empathy and responsibility. As they care and learn about the associated responsibilities they develop confidence. Pets are also a great social development tool and can assist with emotional regulation.

But what defines a pet?

The definition of a pet is ‘a domestic or tamed animal kept for companionship or pleasure’.

Does a silk worm fall under that definition? Because we have a very large number of silk worms at St Ives that the children have been learning about and caring for. Each day many of our children come in and assist with giving the silk worms “breakfast, lunch and late snack”. It is known that our silk worms need lots and lots of leaves to help them to grow. Fortunately, aside from the leaves and a cardboard box, they are very low maintenance.

We have over 100 worms and would you believe that we have given most of them a name! Some include; Giraffe, Batman-Robot, Brother, Betty, Miss Kandace, Slither, Super Silky and Rainbow. The children have developed a sense of ownership and through their learning their confidence has grown.

Lastly let’s not underestimate the vivid imagination of a child, although this may not sit within the exact definition of a ‘pet’ I remember having a pet rock when I was younger. My rock had a name, had her favourite food and favourite activities. Although a pet rock may not prevent allergies or improve immunity they do have great personalities and aren’t too expensive!