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Parents Decisions and Going to School

Date: August 10, 2018 Author: hpelc Categories: Educators Blogs, Parenting Blogs, Reflection Blogs

By Alicia Edwards.


We as parents make so many decisions for our children. What name they will have, what clothes they will wear and for many, we have the choice of when we will send them to school. For children born between January and July it’s a parent’s decision. I have been that parent, twice. I’ve heard frequently, “oh your holding him/her back” when talking about giving a child another year before starting school.


I feel it comes with such a negative connotation. To hold someone back is to restrict them, to withhold. But I don’t feel that’s the case at all. I decided to let my children play for another year. And by play, I’m talking about the term “learning through play”. Both of my children are capable young people who have ideas, interests, confidence and wonderful emerging personalities. All of which stem from play based learning.


At school they are expected to wear a uniform, learn from a set curriculum and follow a much more rigid routine. So when I had to make the decision of whether to send my children or not, I asked myself, what would my child prefer to do? Being “ready” isn’t about knowing your alphabet, reading words or counting to 100. It’s about the individual child and their self-help skills, their social skills, their ability to regulate their emotions, their conflict resolution skills, their knowledge of self well-being, their confidence and sense of self.