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Mum’s the WORD!

Date: February 9, 2015 Author: hpelc Categories: Educators Blogs, Parenting Blogs, Reflection Blogs

Being a parent and working in early childhood education…


When I first started working in early childhood education, I was yet to have children of my own.

I would have parents regularly coming in and saying “I don’t know how you do it all day”.

But working in chid care and being a parent are two totally different things. I now know, being a parent is much harder – believe me!

Being a parent you get to sample the joys of being forced to wake up through the night to see to your children; there are no sick days and most of the time there’s no support at home through the day, for when your about to ‘lose it’.


I use to think that I had it all planned out. When a parents use to tell me; “oh they didn’t go to bed till 9 o’clock” or “the only way I can get to sleep is rocking them”. I would smile and appear understanding, but inside I was thinking, “my child will be in bed by 7:30 every night and I refuse to rock them to sleep”…


When I was pregnant, friends used to say “you work with kids, so this should be easy”.


Well wasn’t I in for a big shock!!!


Sure enough during the first 4 weeks of my son Eli’s life we co-slept with him, (another thing I never thought I would do) – anything to get some sleep though right?! Eli is now 2 and sure enough, some times he too goes to bed after 7:30 depending on whether he has had a nap during the day or not. He still wakes sometimes at night and we have to resettle him and some nights we co-sleep with him when he just wants a cuddle.


Now that I’m back at work and with two children , Eli and Delilah who is 10 months; I’ve truly experienced parent hood. I see things so differently now.


When a parent speaks of late bed times and the different ways and techniques they have had to use to get their little one to sleep I now smile and say “I understand” and I truly do.

There have been times when I’ve cried, times when I’ve had to turn the music up and sing and times where I’ve just said “does having a clean house really matter right now”?


We only have one shot at being a parent and everyday our children are getting older, so I feel we should really try and enjoy this time and live in the moment with our children.