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How Yoga can change your Child’s Future

Date: August 23, 2018 Author: hpelc Categories: Advocacy Blogs, Educators Blogs, Interesting Articles, Reflection Blogs

By Taruna Yadav. Educator Handprints Killara (and experienced Yoga enthusiast).


In today’s fast-paced and chaotic world taking time out for oneself is becoming more of challenge with each passing day. People are trying to find less time-consuming ways to stay healthy while maintaining and balancing their work schedule. That’s when people turn to yoga. Trying to be healthy is a huge obstacle in life for some people. Yoga gives the people a chance to accomplish that goal.


A large amount of people practice yoga, many are parents. However, we sometimes overlook our children’s health, thinking that our children are as healthy as ever and letting them indulge in other activities such as watching TV. It’s easy to overlook this and not realise that even though our children look and sound healthy, they can be prone to colds and face disturbance in sleeping patterns as they grow older due to more sedentary lifestyles in their youth. Yoga can help fix that.


Yoga improves muscle strength and physical flexibility. If the practice is started early on in life, then yoga can help make the children more athletic and stronger. Not only that, it also helps to improve the child’s posture.  It also improves blood flow and makes the child’s body fitter. It allows the child to build a better immune system. This means our children will be less prone to infections, colds and other illnesses.


Not only does yoga boost a person’s physical strength, but it also helps with stress levels and relaxation. This practice can be very beneficial for growing children and teens. It helps them express their emotions and be more focused on their goals. It helps maintain sleep patterns by allowing your child to indulge in deeper sleep, which help them achieve their goals with greater ease during their days.


Overall, Yoga is a very beneficial family activity for both adults and children, hence it should be practiced by both.