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Handprints ST IVES

Handprints St Ives was the first Handprints centre and opened in November 2014. It opened after many months of searching for the perfect property. It is a purpose built centre close to the local school and opposite the local sports field. Handprints St Ives was the long-awaited dream of our Managing Director Julia and where the philosophy and vision of our company began.


Handprints St Ives has since been operating at a high standard and the children, families and educators are very much at home. In June of 2015, Handprints St Ives received the highest rating by the Department of Education of Exceeding the National Quality Framework. This was a wonderful achievement and a testament to the hard work and dedication of the Handprints educators.


Handprints St Ives caters for children from six weeks to six years. It is a thirty place centre with low numbers across each of the three classrooms and a focus on caring for every individual child. It is a beautiful place for children to begin their learning journey.


Meet Alex, Our St Ives Director:


I have been working with children for over 10 years now in various forms of education and care. My passion for education is based around the environment, coming from my introduction to education while working within the forestry industry. This was then furthered when I began leading school excursions to various ecological environments around Sydney, including rock platforms, bush, rainforest and beaches. I later became a Co-ordinator for a 155 place Out of School Hours Care centre, where my exposure to younger children fostered my love for care. Due to the size of the centre, I felt that the care offered was not very personable, so I sought out a smaller centre environment where I could provide better care by having the ability to work more closely with children and their families. I have now been working with Handprints ELC since its grand opening in November 2014. I have loved my time with the children, families and fellow educators and can honestly say that coming into work each day is a pleasure. My favourite aspect of Early Child Education and Care is building relationships with everyone that comes through the centre. Having the opportunity to be exposed to a wide variety of family cultures has helped to broaden my understanding of a “normal family”, ultimately resulting in the conclusion that every family is normal, and that difference is something that should be celebrated by us all. Being the Centre Director allows me to be involved within all the rooms across the centre, and build relationships with all the children and families. I can share in the moments of learning, fun, excitement and joy as they progress on their journey of life while at Handprints ELC.