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Professional Development

Handprints ELC believes in the ability to inspire others through our practices. We have begun to offer professional development workshops for other education and care services based on the following areas. Please contact Handprints ELC ( for availability and pricing.



Handprints ELC believes in the process of research in education. Julia McKean (Company Director, Early Childhood Teacher) began to develop this philosophy through the study of a research component in her Early Childhood Degree from Macquarie University that required new educators to undertake an action research project as part of the internship practical experience. This was furthered for Julia when she worked at Gumnut Cottage, Macquarie University for which she presented at Early Childhood Australia’s conference in Melbourne. Since opening Handprints ELC and through the collaboration with others in the field this has grown and become a new concept of wonder projects where educators are inspired to ask questions and research to improve practice. It is the process of active reflection and is something that makes Handprints ELC truly unique.

Julia McKean recently presented a 4 hour workshop teaching educators how to question, critically reflect, wonder and research in practice for the centres of Townsville University. The presentation is directly linked to the planning cycles of Handprints Early Learning Centre and the work done by the educators within this service. The goal is to inspire educators to consider other ways of reflecting and writing about children’s learning.

This workshop is available as a 1.5 hour talk or a 4 hour workshop. It is linked directly to continuous learning, reflection and inspiring education and care services to think outside the box. It can be done in a service, or done in Handprints ELC (St Ives, NSW) to allow for educators to see a different service.



Moniqui McAuley, Handprints St Ives Director and Early Childhood Teacher, is a passionate advocate for a relationships first approach to managing challenging behaviour. She recently presented a highly researched workshop to the educators of Mungarra Kindergarten based on managing the behaviour of children in the birth to three age group.

Moniqui is available to run workshops based on behaviour for children within the birth to three, and three to five age groups through a workshop that runs for roughly 1.5-2 hours in length. For Moniqui, she feels it is important to adapt the project to the particular challenges your service is facing and asks for information prior to beginning the workshop to assure that you receive the most useful feedback and information. This is a relatively new workshop and more information will be adapted as it grows.