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Learning with Us

Handprints ELC has two services that specialises in education and care for children birth to five years. Handprints ST IVES is a 30 place early education and care setting across the road from Toolang Oval. Handrints KILLARA is a 58 place early education and centre located on the grounds of Killara Public School. We believe that education services in the early years should be in smaller numbers and in a home style environment to promote the values of the Early Years Learning Framework; that is that children develop a sense of belonging, being and becoming.

Our educational environments are divided into 3 indoor spaces, and multiple outdoor spaces, to optimise the potential for learning and development across the age groups.

These are:


THE NURSERY : Our nursery spaces are comfortable and natural play space for babies and toddlers to learn together. The room caters for children aged zero to two and a half years. It will be planned to allow for children to be divided into two groups: infants and toddlers. These small groups will allow educators to work closely with children to assure they are well cared for, nurtured and loved, while building on sense of self, identity and development in these foundational yearsPatrick 7.


THE JUNIOR PRESCHOOL: Our  junior preschool spaces will be an exciting place to grow and learn for children aged between two and a half years and four years. This group will be guided by educators to extend their ideas and continue to work towards their sense of self and outcomes for ongoing learning. Our preschool aged children develop very individual dispositions for learning and develop a love of learning all things new.

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THE PRESCHOOL: Our Preschool spaces are focused on what learning is most important in transitioning children for the start of school. Our big children explore in depth learning with their educator where they will ask questions, build ideas, and work towards specific goals for transitioning to school. We work closely with local schools and engage our oldest children in spending time interacting with the community. This is a particularly special place for long term learning.


THE OUTDOOR SPACES: Separate outdoor spaces will cater for the birth to two and a half years groups, and the preschool aged groups of children. These spaces will be the back yard where children experience our natural world. From dirt digging patched, to an old fashioned water pump and stream, the children will have the opportunity to connect their learning into a natural play space.


Our programs and practices at Handprints ELC will be based on the Early Years Learning Framework and will plan for children based on their interests, strengths and development in terms of building towards lifelong learning.