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Welcome to Handprints!

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Click Here to view a time lapse video of Handprints Early Learning Centre ST IVES under construction back in 2014.

Handprints Early Learning Centres are early education and long day care settings on the North Shore of Sydney. We are a family owned and operated small business that believes in the potential of early education services to create a life-long love of learning for our young children. Furthermore we believe in the value of community and hope to become a valuable part of the small and connected community that is St Ives and Killara  by providing a personal, caring and quality experience for families where Handprints becomes a home away from home. We will also aim to provide opportunities for other small businesses within the community to be involved in our journey and experience.

Handprints currently has 2 services open and operating. Handprints ST IVES and Handprints KILLARA. For more information please use the numbers listed below.


Handprints ST IVES: 102 Warrimoo Ave, St Ives




Handprints KILLARA: 1 Ridgeland Ave, Killara

9499 2560



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