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Community Links

Handprints ELC has become a central part of the community. Over the time we have been opened, we have supported many local businesses and welcomed in many members of our community to contribute to the learning programs for our children. Some examples of this are:

Toolang Rd Oval

Handprints ELCa is located opposite the local oval. We are able to visit the oval on a daily basis with children across the age groups. We are also able to observe the activities of the local primary school on the oval and the holiday soccer camps that also occur.

Each week the children watch as the lawn gets mowed, and collect the different natural materials the oval has on offer such as coloured autumn leaves, or large gumnuts. Toolang Rd Oval is a great resource to us in our community.

Billy and Bronfenbrenner BunnyIMG_5455

Both our centres have pet rabbits who has a very special bond with each of the children. Each day on arrival the children are able to bring a snack for Billy and Bronnie and go and say hello. The rabbits also makes home visits on weekends and collects memories in a book that allows us to learn more about each of our families.

21Road Safety

Macquarie University runs a program called kids and traffic which Handprints has formed a strong relationship with over the last year. From running in-services for all local child care centres here on educating about road safety, to provision of a community road safety morning to build awareness and understandings for families, Handprints ELC has been committed to this role in our local community.

Parent Nights11181888_691411320962806_8657636145558349057_n

Parent nights have been a great opportunity to invite in our community and engage them in learning about child development. Handprints ELC has held a night on gross motor and movement, a night for families exploring learning through the arts, a night based on science based approach to education, and finally a first aid event where all members of the community were invited in to learn basic first aid.

Educator Nights

Handprints ELC puts on in services for local child care services based on sharing our philosophy and ideas to improve the overall quality of the early childhood education and care industry. See our professional development page for more information.

Music/Language Classes

Handprints is lucky enough to have parents at the centres with some exciting talents. We are about to embark in some new Music and Language classes across both centres! Stay tuned!

Community Support for Learning

Many local schools, the fire department, dentists and doctors have visited Handprints to support the education program of all of our children on the roles that exist in the community whilst building their confidence in the world around them.

Supporting Local Business

As the process of Handprints ELC has begun, we have had the support of some local businesses who we would like to acknowledge and provide links to:


Surf Life Saving Sunscreen

Surf Life Saving Sunscreen keeps all our kids safe from the Australian Sun!

“We’ve been protecting Australian beaches for over 107 years… now we help protect you and your family from the sun. Our reputation for protection, putting your safety before all else; now extends to a quality range of quality Australian made SPF50+ sunscreen products. Your choice of sunscreen – could help save a life! “


Both Handprints centres have splashsuits for every child. This allows us to use our wonderful outdoor areas, even in the rain. Please see if you are interested in these suits.

Quinn Homes

The design and build process of Handprints ELC St Ives was made possible by Quinn Homes. We have appreciated their support and expertise in this area.