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So much more than burning energy: Learning opportunities in outdoor play..

Date: February 18, 2015 Author: hpelc Categories: Educators Blog

Have you ever heard people talk about how children should get outside more and burn off some energy? This is often how outdoor play is viewed; simply as a place which provides enough room for children to run around until they get tired. While it is true that this is a benefit of playing outside,…

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Mum’s the WORD!

Date: February 9, 2015 Author: hpelc Categories: Educators Blog

Being a parent and working in early childhood education…   When I first started working in early childhood education, I was yet to have children of my own. I would have parents regularly coming in and saying “I don’t know how you do it all day”. But working in chid care and being a parent…

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“They’re smarter than what we give them credit for.”

Date: February 5, 2015 Author: hpelc Categories: Educators Blog

By Loretta Davis “They’re smarter than we give them credit for”. These words were spoken to me the other night by one of our nursery parents. And of course, I agree. Although, I didn’t realise how much I agree until several hours after our conversation, after I’d been home for a while. Children are a…

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The Tip of the Iceberg

Date: February 2, 2015 Author: hpelc Categories: Educators Blog

By Moniqui McAuley Last week after arriving home from work, I did my usual scroll through social media and a quick browse on the Internet, reading through a couple of articles in an effort to wind down: a typical afternoon. However, that afternoon would soon prove to become more than just normal routine, which was…

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Men at Work

Date: January 19, 2015 Author: hpelc Categories: Educators Blog

  Working in early education and care as a male teacher, friend and most importantly role model…   Working at Handprints ELC has shown me how accepting families can be of a male teacher in an early education and care environment. I have heard many stories about how a male can be stigmatised in this…

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Planned, Spontaeous, Intentional…

Date: January 13, 2015 Author: hpelc Categories: Educators Blog

 Education is my passion. I believe that in Early Childhood we need to move away from the concept of care and towards environments where experience is the focus. Where educators who are qualified and trained lead programs that enhance the opportunity for education to be extended across the day. Play based learning programs do not…

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Mateship Lessons for Children

Date: December 16, 2014 Author: hpelc Categories: Educators Blog

  On September 2nd 2014 I wrote a blog about the important role early childhood education plays for our young children. And how in a world where education is prioritised for young children in the first five years we have the capacity to create a world filled with tolerance, respect and most importantly empathy. A…

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It’s not mine, it’s ours!

Date: December 12, 2014 Author: hpelc Categories: Educators Blog

As we come to the conclusion of another busy week where new children were welcomed into our Home, I find myself reflecting on one particular aspect of our philosophy. And that is the final point… “Our Experiences”. After 8 years in the industry and having spent time introducing well over a hundred different children into…

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Sense of Family and Sense of Identity

Date: December 3, 2014 Author: hpelc Categories: Educators Blog

“Everyone has a family. Some families have different dynamics to others, but everyone develops a feeling of belonging in some way” Miss Moniqui (in her learning story – What does it mean to be part of a family). Handprints ELC is a family. Since before we opened our doors on November 10th 2014, we developed…

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A handprint commitment to our children!

Date: September 22, 2014 Author: hpelc Categories: Educators Blog

To the future children at Handprints ELC: My Handprint Commitment to YOU! 1. You will HAVE FUN! There is so much excitement to be had at Handprints. And each and every day I promise we will put out something to engage with that you find fun, that you enjoy! Have you heard about our digging…

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