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Entrainment: A Reflection of Learning Something New.

Date: July 12, 2018 Author: hpelc Categories: Educators Blog

By Loretta Davis Recently Handprints educators were invited to join Kylie and Carmel from Jim Jam Music for professional development in their studio. It was a wonderful afternoon filled with a lot of learning and a lot of laughter. We learnt about the history of Jim Jam, musical theoretical frameworks and how the musical program…

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Physical Activity and Young Children

Date: June 14, 2018 Author: hpelc Categories: Educators Blog

Physical activity and young children. By Miss Cass   As a Health and Well Being Advocate, I am very passionate about getting or young children moving. There are so many tips, tricks and recommendations that we are given it’s easy to brush them aside.   • For Infants (under 1 year) it is recommended that…

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“I am Capable”

Date: May 3, 2018 Author: hpelc Categories: Educators Blog

I am Capable By Alicia Edwards   Children start learning and developing from birth. Within a few hours of birth they are learning to suckle, which in turn strengthens their tongue muscles and plays a roll in language development. In the first 18 months a child learns to recognise faces, voices and sounds. They learn…

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What are the Children Learning through their Play?

Date: February 16, 2018 Author: hpelc Categories: Educators Blog

What are the children learning through their play?              By Moniqui McAuley   Play. It is one of the most common words or action we use when we think about young children, talk about young children, suggest the children do and it is also one of the most commonly debated…

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Super Hero Play

Date: April 28, 2017 Author: hpelc Categories: Educators Blog

Super Hero Play – The Adult as the Villain             By Loretta Davis   Superhero play and gun play is often the thorn in an educator’s thumb. Children often get injured, frustrated, friendships tested, boundaries broken and feelings hurt. An educator can be put in a tough place when trying to manage the various situations…

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The First 1000 Days

Date: January 27, 2016 Author: hpelc Categories: Educators Blog

“Strong relationships are at the foundation of healthy child development, family functioning and a flourishing society. Infant mental health is everybody’s business.” The above statement is from an article I recently read. You can read it here: The article focuses on the importance of the first 1000 days in a child’s life. It explores…

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Are You Listening?

Date: September 30, 2015 Author: hpelc Categories: Educators Blog

Something that can be heard quite a lot whenever children are involved is, “Are you listening to me?” “Did you hear what I said?” “Why aren’t you listening?” “No one’s listening to me!” We ask it to get recognition, or a sign that something has been said and something has been heard. We ask it…

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I’m Sorry- Leading by Example in EC Settings

Date: August 18, 2015 Author: hpelc Categories: Educators Blog

At our latest Handprints staff meeting, we started with a simple task on self-reflection. Despite advance warning about the task, it was probably a task our educators found the most difficult. Asking people what they thought they could do better was one thing, but we turned this into asking them what they were sorry for….

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“I am so proud of ME”

Date: May 18, 2015 Author: hpelc Categories: Educators Blog

Exploring the role of praise and motivation in early education… We know that a large amount of children’s learning happens between birth to five years. Our privilege, in early education, is that we get to play a part in who each child is through the time we spend guiding and engaging with them. One of…

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Reflections of Sharing

Date: March 12, 2015 Author: hpelc Categories: Educators Blog

Written by Loretta Davis You can’t make a child share. (I would like to note: This blog I’m writing won’t have an answer at the end. It won’t tell you that children shouldn’t share, or should share. Rather, I intend to share my insights and constructs of the topic) J The toddler rule of possession…

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